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Remove the repeat title for checkbox on Ad Page

Posted: Fri 13 Mar 2020 10:55
by SergiuT
On the search option box, it's OK - A TITLE and the check boxes.
But, in Ad Page, the title for checkbox, he repeats.
How to delete the repetitive title and leave only one title and check boxes as in the search for example:

(Title) Restaurant meal:
Breakfast - Brunch - Lunch - Dinner

(Title) Payments:
Accept cash - Accept credit cards - Accept Visa cards - Accept Mastercard - Accept American Express - Accept Discover

On the search option (Title and checkbox fields) OK -

on the details of the ad page title repeats (not OK):
(Title - checkbox, Title - checkbox, Title - checkbox, Title - checkbox... ):

Can anyone help me, delete the repeated title on the ad page.
Thank you.

Thank you.