Install Script PAG ?

Follow the steps described below to install Script PAG


First of all, you must subscribe to a web hosting package. After you sign up, your web host will either send you by email or will provide your ftp login details directly through your customer account. These ftp details will allow you to send the Script PAG software files over the Internet.
You must use a ftp software to send the files. We recommend FileZilla, it is freeware.

Click here to download FileZilla


Once your files are uploaded to your web host through your ftp software, go to the "install" file of your website page (eg :, and enter the information required. The installation is completed. For security reasons, delete the "install" file and rename the "admin" and "cron" files.

NOTE : A user help manual is provided with the Script PAG software, it is located within the file A_INSTALLATION.txt.

404 URL

If your pages return to 404 urls, try the content of the .htaccessIONOS file in your .htaccess file, modifying with your domain name.


For an efficient website management, please take the time to thoroughly read the admin page.