FAQ Script PAG

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What is the basic version of Script PAG?

Excluding the map and the modules which can be ordered independently on our shopp, the basic version includes all the features presented in our demos.

Do i need specific knowledge in programming language to use Script PAG?

The use of Script PAG software does not require any knowledge of programming language. From its installation, everything is configurable directly from its administration.

Can I easily install Script PAG software?

Installing Script PAG software is relatively simple. A help guide is provided with the Script PAG software at the root of its file. You can also read these instructions directly by consulting our installation page.

Can i edit the Script PAG software?

The source code of the Script PAG software in its basic version remains entirely open. You can modify, if necessary, one, several or all parts of the software.

How do Script PAG software updates go?
As soon as you have a customer account and agree to receive our newsletter, the documentation concerning the latest updates to the Script PAG software is sent to you by email.