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BitPay payment gateway

With BitPay, receive payments in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin...

Access a $1 trillion+ market with cryptocurrency. By installing BitPay as a payment gateway on your site, you will be able to offer and receive payments in Cryptocurrency.

BitPay accepts 13 cryptocurrencies which represent approximately 70% of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization.

Here is the list of cryptocurrencies accepted by BitPay:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • XRP
  • USD Coin
  • Gemini Dollar
  • Pax Dollar
  • Binance USD
  • Wrapped BTC
  • DAI
  • SHIB